Upgrading and the Gemfile

Upgrading COSMOS to the latest version is easy. Every COSMOS project comes with what is called a Gemfile. The Gemfile is used to track the library dependencies of your COSMOS project. If your project requires a gem that is not a standard COSMOS dependency, be sure to add it to your Gemfile to track that it is a requirement of your project. In any case, to upgrade to the latest version of COSMOS all you need to do is run:

bundle update cosmos

And that should get the latest version installed (unless your Gemfile has locked COSMOS to a specific version). After upgrading, you should also look at the COSMOS release notes to see if any other migration is required. If you would like to lock COSMOS (or any other gem) to a specific version, you can also do that with your Gemfile. Here is an example Gemfile that locks COSMOS to version 4.4.0, shows the ruby-termios gem requirement on non-windows systems, and also adds a project specific requirement for the sshkit gem.

gem 'cosmos', '4.4.0'
gem 'ruby-termios' if RbConfig::CONFIG['target_os'] !~ /mswin|mingw|cygwin/i
gem 'sshkit'

Finally, whenever you receive a new COSMOS project, running the following command will ensure you have everything you need installed to run that configuration.

bundle install

For more information on Gemfiles and managing dependencies for a COSMOS (or any other Ruby-based) project see the bundler documentation at: Bundler Docs