Script Runner

This document describes Script Runner configuration file and command line parameters.


Sets the amount of time in seconds before the next line of a script will be executed

Parameter Description Required
Delay Delay in seconds before the next line is executed. A value of 0 means to execute the scripts as fast as possible. True


Set or clear the pause on error checkbox

If this is checked, Script Runner will pause if the test encounters an error. Otherwise the error will be logged but the script will continue.

Parameter Description Required
Enable Whether to pause when the script encounters an error

Valid Values: TRUE, FALSE


Log limits events to the Script Runner log file while a script is running

Limits events are always logged by the Command and Telemetry Server but are not put in the Script Runner log without this keyword.


Pause a running script if a red limit occurs

Example File

Example File: <Cosmos::USERPATH>/config/tools/script_runner/script_runner.txt


Command Line Parameters

Usage: ruby ScriptRunner [options]

    -h, --help                       Show this message
    -v, --version                    Show version
        --system FILE                Use an alternative system.txt file
    -c, --config FILE                Use the specified configuration file
        --stylesheet FILE            Use the specified stylesheet

Window Size Options:
        --minimized                  Start the tool minimized
        --maximized                  Start the tool maximized
        --defaultsize                Start the tool in its default size
        --stay-on-top                Force the tool to stay on top of all other windows

Window X & Y Position Options:
  Positive values indicate a position from the top and left of the screen.
  Negative values indicate a position from the bottom and right of the screen.
  A value of -1 indicates to place the right or bottom side of the window
  next to the right or bottom edge of the screen.
    -x, --xpos VALUE                 Window X position
    -y, --ypos VALUE                 Window Y position

Window Width and Height Options:
  Specifing width and height will force the specified dimension.
  Otherwise the window will layout according to its defaults.
    -w, --width VALUE                Window width
    -t, --height VALUE               Window height

Script Runner Specific Options:
    -s, --server FILE                Use the specified server configuration file for disconnect mode
    -r, --run FILE                   Open and run the specified procedure
    -d, --disconnect                 Start in disconnect mode