Onward to COSMOS 4.4.1! 27 tickets have been incorporated including 6 new features, 13 bug fixes and 8 general maintenance changes.

Mainly a stability bug fix release, but there are a few cool changes. There is an new keyword for marking that bit overlaps are intentional in packet definition files. This can get rid of those annoying warnings when you do this intentionally. There is also a new DELETE_ITEM keyword to get rid of items potentially added by auto generation. Tlm Extractor and Tlm Grapher can now pull more than 10,000 data points from DART. Also, there is now the ability to package multiple targets into one gem.

Enjoy and see below for the full list of changes.

New Features:

  • #817 Allow for intentional bit overlaps in definition
  • #821 Support DART queries larger than 10000 samples in TlmExtractor / TlmGrapher
  • #922 DELETE_ITEM
  • #1028 Support Multiple Targets Packaged into Single Gem
  • #1040 Config Editor new system config wizard
  • #1104 Create releases from Docker


  • #1016 Make JSON RPC API Command Methods Case Insensitive
  • #1030 Scrolling in config editor can cause issues
  • #1039 Config Editor performance enhancements
  • #1056 AppVeyer broken
  • #1074 For BLOCK parameters, suggest 0x0 as default value
  • #1080 DART stream server docs
  • #1090 DART Reduction unreliable with file imported data
  • #1101 Windows 10 Install Error?

Bug Fixes:

  • #883 DART meta filter not populating
  • #944 DART data retrievals not per packet_time
  • #1012 Screens can’t call display when launched with –screen
  • #1031 Graphing a telemetry member whose name includes brackets fails
  • #1036 TestRunner: ABORT_TESTING_AFTER_ERROR ignored for test cases added indivually to testsuite
  • #1037 telemetry#all_item_strings support undeclared target names
  • #1051 Windows serial port hangs on write
  • #1061 Excel can’t open a blank worksheet
  • #1063 Length Protocol does not handle 0 length
  • #1064 Command Sequence Repeating Write_Conversion
  • #1081 Ruby Syntax Error Checker Hangs Test Runner
  • #1087 COSMOS Installation failure in building puma_http11
  • #1092 Typo in Odd Parity

Migration Notes from COSMOS 4.3.0:

To upgrade to the latest version of COSMOS, run “bundle update cosmos” in your COSMOS project folder.

The faster identification in ticket #911 does come with a potentially breaking change. The improvement requires that all packets for a given target be identified using the same fields (bit offset, bit_size, and type). This is the typical configuration, and breaking this pattern is typically a dangerous/bad choice for interfaces anyways, but previously COSMOS did default to handling packets being potentially identified using different fields in the same target. If you have a target that still requires that functionality, you need to declare CMD_UNIQUE_ID_MODE, and/or TLM_UNIQUE_ID_MODE in the target’s target.txt file to indicate it should use the slower identification method.

See the COSMOS documentation for directions on setting up DART: http://cosmosc2.com/docs/v4/