Welcome to COSMOS 4.3.0!

The highlight of this release is built in support for differentiating between stored telemetry and realtime telemetry. If your system downlinks stored telemetry that you don’t want to interfere with the COSMOS realtime current value table, your interface/protocol code can set the stored flag on a packet before returning it to COSMOS to have COSMOS log the packet, but not update the current telemetry values.

Lots of other new features as well, and a few bug fixes including fixing running on the latest version of Mac OSX. See below for the full list.

Breaking Changes: The COSMOS log file format and predentified protocol formats have changed to support stored telemetry. COSMOS 4.3 is backwards compatible with earlier formats, but older versions of COSMOS won’t be able to read files from COSMOS 4.3+.

New Features:

  • #780 Search bar support for Command Sequence
  • #785 Adjust font size
  • #804 Add classification bar to all tools
  • #808 Add CANVASELLIPSE widget
  • #814 Changes to support stored telemetry
  • #815 Create a temporary screen from a script
  • #818 Catch all state for any undefined state values
  • #819 Ensure x values added in incrementing order in TlmGrapher
  • #823 Add protocol to ignore any packet
  • #826 Allow hash style access to Excel
  • #829 Add STAY_ON_TOP feature to telemetry screens
  • #851 Ensure step_mode displays Step button
  • #859 Change Script Runner highlight color when paused


  • #796 Handle Command Sequence Export Issues
  • #807 Revert Items with STATE cannot define FORMAT_STRING
  • #812 Ruby 2.5 Instrumented Code outside of methods in a class
  • #855 Remove Qt warning message on Windows 10
  • #858 Fix JRuby build issues

Bug Fixes:

  • #837 Packet Viewer’s “Hide Ignored Items” Incorrectly Persists Across Change of Packet
  • #840 Latest version of COSMOS crashing
  • #845 Support get_tlm_details in disconnect mode

Migration Notes from COSMOS 4.2.x:

To upgrade to the latest version of COSMOS, run “bundle update cosmos” in your COSMOS project folder.

See the COSMOS documentation for directions on setting up DART: http://cosmosc2.com/docs/v4/