New Features:

  • #147 TlmExtractor Full Column Names Mode
  • #148 TlmExtractor Share individual columns
  • #189 ScriptRunner Breakpoints don’t adapt to edits
  • #233 Add Config Option to Increase Tcpip Interface Timeout to TlmGrapher
  • #280 Method for determining interface packet count
  • #313 Add command line option to automatically start ScriptRunner
  • #336 Add Log Analyze Feature to TlmExtractor/CmdExtractor
  • #395 Implement Stylesheets Throughout
  • #408 Easy way to find which targets use an interface?
  • #433 Scripting support for TlmViewer close all screens
  • #434 TlmViewer option for no resize of screens
  • #436 PacketViewer option to ignore target.txt ignored items
  • #441 PacketViewer should identify derived items in the GUI



Bug Fixes:

  • #417 Table Manager not checking ranges
  • #419 Support multiple arrays in string based commands

Migration Notes from COSMOS 3.8.x:

The Table Manager configuration file format has changed. Documentation will updated the first week of April.

You can migrate existing config files using:

bundle exec ruby tools\TableManager --convert config\tools\table_manager\old_table_def.txt

To upgrade to the latest version of COSMOS, run “bundle update cosmos” in your COSMOS project folder.