This release contains a lot of new functionality and a key new feature: The ability to create new COSMOS targets and tools as reusable gems! This will hopefully allow the open source community to create sharable configuration for a large amount of hardware and allow for community generated tools to be easily integrated.

Bug Fixes:

  • #153 set_tlm should support settings strings with spaces using the normal syntax
  • #155 Default to not performing DNS lookups

New Features:

  • #25 Warn users if reading a packet log uses the latest instead of the version specified in the file header
  • #106 Allow the server to run headless
  • #109 Cmd value api
  • #129 Script Runner doesn’t syntax highlight module namespacing
  • #133 Add sound to COSMOS alerts
  • #138 Limits Monitor should show what is stale
  • #142 Support gem based targets and tools
  • #144 Never have nothing happen when trying to launch a tool
  • #152 Provide a method to retrieve current suite/group/case in TestRunner
  • #157 Launcher support command line options in combobox
  • #163 Allow message_box to display buttons vertically


  • #131 Consolidate Find/Replace logic in the FindReplaceDialog
  • #137 Improve Server message log performance
  • #142 Improve Windows Installer bat file
  • #146 Need support for additional non-standard serial baud rates
  • #150 Improve Win32 serial driver performance

Migration Notes from COSMOS 3.4.2:

The launcher scripts and .bat files that live in the COSMOS project tools folder have been updated to be easier to maintain and to ensure that the user always sees some sort of error message if a problem occurs starting a tool. All users should copy the new files from the tools folder in the COSMOS demo folder into their projects as part of the upgrade to COSMOS 3.5.0

COSMOS now disables reverse DNS lookups by default because they can take a long time in some environments. If you still want to see hostnames when someone connects to a TCP/IP server interface/router then you will need to add ENABLE_DNS to your system.txt file.