COSMOS first-time startup speed is now 16 times faster - hence this release is codenamed “Startup Cheetah”. Enjoy!


  • #91 Add mutex around creation of System.instance
  • #89 Reduce maximum block count from 10000 to 100 everywhere
  • #87 MACRO doesn’t support more than one item
  • #85 Replace use of DL with Fiddle
  • #82 Improve COSMOS startup speed
  • #81 UNKNOWN target identifies all buffers before other targets have a chance
  • #78 Reduce COSMOS memory usage
  • #76 Fix specs to new expect syntax and remove ‘should’
  • #74 Server requests/sec and utilization are incorrect

Migration Notes from COSMOS 3.2.x:

System.telemetry.target_names and System.commands.target_names no longer contain the ‘UNKNOWN’ target.